If You Want to Take the Island, Burn The Boats!

Burning the boats is a quote repeated throughout history by leaders, generals, and self-help coaches alike. It’s a phrase that encapsulates a concept for achieving success, originating way back to Julius Caesar around two thousand years ago.

So The Story Goes…

Julius Caesar and his troops landed on the shores of Britain with the hope of conquering new lands. They were ill-prepared, outnumbered and scared. They saw the Celts watching them arrive and they wanted to sail away back to safety.

The Romans lined up their boats on the shore, ready to make a hasty exit if needed. The troops had a way out, and, instead of trying, they had already mentally admitted defeat. Caesar immediately ordered his generals to burn all their boats and give himself and his troops no escape plan. It was success or death and it showed the Celts that these madmen were there to win.

Caesar whipped the safety blanket out from his troops and this focussed their minds. They had to make this work. They had to give 110%. The cost of failure was too great, so, they had no choice but to win and take the island.

Burn Your Own Boats

Take away your own safety blanket. Give yourself only one option: the option to succeed. Just like Eminem said…

Success is my only mother f*****g option, failure’s not


Burning the boats makes you step up rather than stepping back. It takes away your safety blanket and focusses your attention on the things that will make you achieve your goal.

No Plan B

In life, most of us give ourselves an out. We spend time coming up with a detailed Plan B. But, more often than not, Plan B is just an excuse to fail at Plan A and a chance to take the easier option.

Why waste time working on a Plan B, when you can spend that time making Plan A work?

If you don’t commit fully then you’re subconsciously telling yourself – and letting others know – that you don’t truly believe in yourself. Plan B creates doubt.

Forget Plan B. To test yourself and grow, you have to operate without a safety net

Arnold Schwarzenegger

There’s Only One Way To Go

When you burn the boats, you create one clear path. You put your back up against a wall, and, when this happens, you have only one way to go… and that’s forward. Take away your safety net and commit yourself to one course of action.

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2 thoughts on “If You Want to Take the Island, Burn The Boats!

  1. I hadn’t heard this quote before however I like it a lot – we’re all too reliant on our safety blankets! Another great read, thank you!

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