Speak Your Mind.

You’re in a meeting and you have something to say, but you’re too afraid to say it. It’s hard to speak up; what if you’re wrong or you ask a silly question and they all laugh? Then someone else says exactly what you were thinking and everyone nods and comments on what a great question it was. You should have spoken up.

Speak your mind in order to…

…Check Your Thinking

We can often be wrong about things and it’s not until we actually say them out loud that they are challenged and corrected. In our own mind we don’t realise how wrong we are about something.

It may be better to say that thing out loud early on and have only a few people laugh at you and more importantly to correct you, instead of going many years down the line, doing the wrong thing and then have many people ridicule you. Better the short-term pain of embarrassment now instead of the major embarrassment later on.

As a result of being challenged, you may change, learn and grow.

…Develop Your Thinking

The act of speaking out loud, develops our thinking.

In your own mind, everything makes sense, but when you have to speak it out loud to someone else, you have to structure your words in a coherent manner. You have to make sure that it’s understood.

Speaking is real-time, it forces you to think on your feet. Speaking your ideas to someone makes you reassess your thinking and in turn helps to shape your ideas.

…Overcome Your Thinking

In our minds we can mull over a thought again and again and again, repeatedly causing pain, distress and anxiety. It’s often better to say it out loud, to get that weight off your chest. As the old saying goes, “a problem shared is a problem halved”.

Get what’s on your mind, out of your mind.

It can often make you feel so much better. Whether that’s speaking to a friend or writing in a diary, just the very act of clearing your mind makes you feel better. Just try it.

Have the damn fight. Unpleasant as that might be in the moment, it is one less straw on the camel’s back”.

Jordan Peterson

By getting things off our mind early on, we can prevent them snowballing into something bigger.

Jordan Peterson says that it’s sometimes better to just ‘have the damn fight!’. Voice your opinion and get it off your chest, even if it will result in a conflict. Having a small fight now, is a lot better than letting it boil up into resentment and hatred.

Have the conversation early on.


It goes without saying, please make sure you think before you speak. Please be nice and don’t say something that will deliberately hurt or cause offence.

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One thought on “Speak Your Mind.

  1. Another great read – I hadn’t thought about the benefits of speaking aloud however it’s true that it develops our thinking. There’s definitely an art however to balancing speaking your mind and talking less!

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