Who’s Part Of Your Team?

Do you have a team that’s routing for you? A team that’s been assembled to push you and help you achieve your goals on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? If not, then learn from the best and start to assemble your own team of experts; your crew; your wolf-pack.

If you look at most experts and celebrities, they have coaches, a personal trainer, a stylist, a career coach, an accountant, a nutritionist, a personal assistant, a cleaner, a life coach, a bodyguard, a driver, etc.

But is this something just reserved for pompous celebrities and the super rich, or is it actually a smart move?

Do successful people only get their own team once they become successful? Or did they have a team right there at the beginning, and that’s part of the reason they made it now?

50 Cent

Early in his career, 50 Cent reached a pivotal moment in his career. At the time, he was recovering from a failed assassination attempt and knew that someone would come back to finish the job. His record label dropped him and his career seemed dead in the water. He needed protection, and he needed his own team.

50 Cent gathered all his closest friends and most loyal fans in his grandparents front room. There he gave a speech about the future of his enterprise. He laid out his grand plans and great vision, but he couldn’t get there by himself. He needed a team to help him.

They were going to create something incredible that would provide opportunity for them all and get them out of the hood. It would be based around 50 Cent as the leader, but the leader of the wolf-pack needed protection and support.

Whatever they wanted to do or be, he would support them. If they wanted to be his security or go to law school and become a lawyer in his operation they could do it; 50 Cent would finance them through law school.

All he asked in return was protection and loyalty to him and the enterprise they would be building. He assembled his team, built up around him. Loyal supporters helping him to succeed.

Assemble Your Team

Who’s helping you get better every day? Who do you have who is pushing you, protecting you, nurturing you and helping you to succeed?

Invest in yourself; assemble your own team of experts. It could be a group of friends, mentor, boss, colleague, or paid help.

It could be a life coach, nutritionist, sports coach, personal assistant, stylist, cleaner, personal trainer, cook, therapist, teacher, tutor, career coach, finance coach, business coach, personal assistant. Someone who can make you and your life better is a solid investment.

I Can’t Afford That

Yes, not everyone can pay for a whole team of coaches and helpers. But there are always cheaper or free ways to learn from experts. Could you help one of your coaches with something that you’re good at, that they’re not? Can you save them time with menial jobs, cook them dinner or just take them out for a coffee and pick their brain?

What could the return on the investment be by having a team? Could someone in your team buy you more free time? Does someone in your team make you a better person; fitter, healthier, stronger, happier?

“From my great-grandfather…to have had good teachers at home, and to realize that this is the sort of thing on which one should spend lavishly.”

Marcus Aurelius

Build Your Own Wolf-Pack

Don’t think you have to do everything by yourself, get others to help you.

With a coach or a team of experts it helps to save you time, reduces errors, and helps to speed up your learning. As Tony Robbins says, look for experts to learn from, so that you can condense decades into days.

So, who’s on your team, who’s part of your wolf pack?

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