Change Your Glasses

I was browsing the shelves of my local sunglasses shop trying to buy a new pair of shades. I had the sales assistant plying me with an endless stream of glasses to try.

The first pair were too dark, the second; too clear and not enough protection. The third pair had a blue tint and made everything look pale and dull. The fourth were rose tinted and the world looked a rosey colour.

I chose the classic Ray Ban style and the sales assistant was urging me to get the polarised lenses – an upgrade on the normal ones. These special bits of glass could increase the visual clarity, eliminate glare, reduce eye strain, and maximise colour contrast. I was sold; I wanted to see the world in HD!

And Then it Got Me Thinking…

Just like a pair of sun glasses changes how we see the world, we also wear a set of internal glasses, which changes how we see life.

By changing your glasses you can change your outlook.

Wearing dark, blurry lenses will make the world seem dark and scary, but once you take the glasses off you realise it’s not actually like that – it was only the lenses that made you think so. Likewise, wearing rose tinted glasses will make the same world seem soft, fun, and rosy.

Change Your Perspective

Imagine you had several pairs of glasses that you could swap out whenever you wanted to view the world from different perspectives.

You could choose to see the world as darker, brighter, clearer, or more optimistic. It all depends whether you choose to put the right glasses on.

Your glasses can distort events, magnify threats, and help you see clearly. Sometimes we may need to wear a different pair of glasses, or even just recognise that our own glasses have a few smudges that could do with wiping. Don’t wear dark shades at night, or clear glasses in the sun.

You have the power to choose which glasses you wear, so make sure you’re wearing the right ones.

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