When You’re Up Against It…Just Do Something

You have a dream or a goal that you’re working towards; then life happens. You suddenly become busy, obstacles get in the way, work is long, your home life is hectic.

When this happens it’s always easy for your standards to slip. It’s easy to give up because you have a valid excuse to. There’s nothing wrong with this.

No time to go to the gym, no time to study, no time to catch up with family, no time to hang out with friends. Most people would just give up, accept that life has got in the way and there’s nothing they can do.

But…you can always do something. The most important thing is actually just doing something; anything; it doesn’t matter how big or small, brilliant or awful, just keep up that momentum.

Keep Working on Your Goals

You may not have time to go to the gym, but you can still exercise. You could do 10 push-ups at home or even just run on the spot for 10 minutes whilst you’re waiting for dinner to cook.

You may not be able to spend 1 hour studying like you originally planned, but reading just one page of your text book whilst brushing your teeth is better than nothing.

You may not have time to catch up with friends and family, but a 2 minute phone call between meetings can help to stay connected.

Things happen, life gets in the way, our plans are messed up, but they don’t have to be ruined. We can still continue to make progress on our goals.

Don’t fall in to the easy trap of just giving in. Be different, be the one who is always moving closer to their goals, the captain of their own ship.

When you’re up against it and life gets in the way, maintain momentum and just do something.

P.s. You may have noticed that today’s article is a little shorter, and posted a little later than normal. That’s because I’ve had a busy week, life has got in the way, but I still needed to write and post something; so here it is.

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