Know What You Want

“I want chocolate! I want it, I want it, I want it, I want it”, screams the six year-old child to the parent. The parent responds: “I want doesn’t get“.

Every time the child says “I want”, the parent repeats “I want doesn’t get”. Until eventually the child learns that it’s bad to say “I want”, and maybe subconsciously they learn that it’s wrong to want things.

Of course, the saying is meant to stop the child from being rude and petulant. However, as we become adults this can stay with us, and leave people not knowing what they want or feeling bad for actually wanting something. We may hide what we want, feel unsure about it, or never even ask for it.

However, as an adult it’s important to want things and to know exactly what those things are. As an adult, “I want” actually means “I might get”. You have to know what type of job you want, what type of partner you want, what type of place you want to live in, what you want out of life.

If you don’t know what you want, you’ll end up getting any old thing. You can’t just drift through life hoping that other people will sort your life out for you. You’ll end up living life on other people’s terms and feeling unfulfilled.

You are in charge of your own life; the captain of your ship, and this all starts with knowing exactly what you want.

Find A Target

You need a target to aim for, otherwise you’ll hit random things and you’ll have no gauge on how well you’re doing. A target will give you direction and a sense of purpose.

To start with, it doesn’t have to be the perfect target but you have to have something to aim at. Once you hit that target, you may want to readjust and choose another target: maybe something bigger.

When you get in your car, you normally always have a destination in mind. You wouldn’t just start driving and see where you end up.

The same rings true in life; you need a destination, you need a target, you need to know what you want. Because once you know what you want, you stand a chance of actually getting it.

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