Do Not Seek Praise

Marcus Aurelius, the stoic philosopher and Roman Emperor, used to regularly remind himself to never seek praise. He should simply complete a job, because it was his duty to do so, and that was enough. If, like Marcus says, we aim never to seek praise in all that we do, could we end up living a happier life?

How To Achieve Freedom: Epictetus

Epictetus was an ancient Greek stoic philosopher who overcame a great deal in his life. After overcoming all of his challenges, he sought to teach others how to overcome their challenges and live a happy life. Here’s what we can learn from him…

You Are a Human Being – Do Your Job

What’s the job of a human being? Is it a life of leisure or a life of achievement? The great Stoic philosopher, Marcus Aurelius can help remind us of our job as a human being, just as he reminded himself daily.